Pre Sales Jobs Hotlist

update- 1.14.21

Chicago and NYC/NJ – Sales Engineer- APM/Cloud Management. My client has highest Garnet MQ Rating and $11B Market Cap, growing 20% plus. Need Chicago and NYC/NJ for very low/no travel role. STABLE Company with monster install base. I need 2-3 SE heads in NYC/NJ for EXPANSION. $215k OTE

Minneapolis-SE Just Added 1/14. These spots very low travel beside car.

Ohio-SEJust Added- Anywhere in Ohio

Bay Area- EARLY STAGE AI-IoT Company seeks first Sales Engineer, prefer AI plus Security and/or Video experience. This company coming out of Stealth with monster hiring spree!

Phone: 630-977-9335

All compensation figures in Total Compensation- SE positions typically 70/30 split, some 80/20.