Pre Sales Jobs Hotlist

update- 2..15.21

Everything below is Pre Sales, no Post roles at moment but likely soon.

Pittsburgh-Chicago and NYC/NJ/CT – Sales Engineer- Cloud Visibility. My client has highest Garnet MQ Rating and $11B Market Cap, growing 25$ plus. Need Chicago and NYC/NJ for very low/no travel role. STABLE Company with monster install base. I need 2-3 SE heads in NYC/NJ for EXPANSION. $215k OTE. Cloud-DevOps-Kubernetes-Docker-Pivotal. Will consider Application Monitoring backgrounds as well.

Bay Area-Sales Engineer (2)-Data Security. My client is well known player with $6B Market Cap. Need a Senior SE ($245K ) and a Jr $215k. Need Active Directory-Exchange-O365, possibly Security + Big Data backgrounds.

Pacific NW and NorthEast- DataOp’s Player needs a Partner/ISV SE in Pacific NW, and an Enterprise SE in NorthEast. Spark-Pig-Hive-NoSql-Hadoop?

Great Lakes OR NorthEast- Sales Engineer- Mobile Identity/Fraud/Payment- Well funded with 500 Employees.

Dallas- Security SIEM type player needs Dallas SE, prefer strong Firewall-Network Security, or SIEM/SOAR type experience. $220k

Chicago- Same as Dallas Role in SEIM- $220k

Phone: 630-977-9335

All compensation figures in Total Compensation- SE positions typically 70/30 split, some 80/20.

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